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Where can a woman obtain a medication abortion in the US?


An increasing number of abortion care providers in the US offer the option of medication abortion. Providers of medication abortion include clinics, private physician offices, and hospitals. The cost and availability of medication abortion services can vary significantly depending on location (state and city), stage of pregnancy, and insurance carrier. The website provides a directory of over 400 providers of abortion and other reproductive healthcare services. Abortion providers are listed by state and city and detailed information on abortion procedures, patient instructions, prices and other educational information is also provided. This website is available in both English and Spanish. 


Information on medication abortion providers is also provided, in both English and Spanish, by Planned Parenthood. The National Abortion Federation hotline (1-800-772-9100) also provides referrals to medication abortion services. The hotline is staffed by bilingual (English and Spanish) operators Monday through Friday from 7am to 11pm and Saturday and Sunday from 9am to 9pm Eastern Time.



If you have questions about medication abortion, please visit our frequently asked questions section.


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